Field Day

Every year Wyss Farms Enterprises sponsors a special day for its Agrigold Seed Corn customers to review the different seed varieties and how they performed in the field.  The day usually begins with a tour of the Agrigold Hybrid Research Plot.  At the site, Agrigold District Manager, Joe Stephan, explains the actual variances in each plant as it appears in the test plot.  Was the seed drought tolerant?  Was it able to completely fill out the ear?  These are but a few of the observations made and discussed while in the field.  

The test plot tour is followed by a luncheon sponsored by Wyss Farms while Joe Stephan delivers a more detailed Power Point presentation about Agrigold Hybrids' genetic and trait advantages and resulting overall performance in the surrounding area. The farmers are encouraged to order their Agrigold seed corn and Powell soybean and wheat seed for next year's planting season needs at an early cash discount.  

Don Wyss ends our special "Field Day" with an update on the current commodities market outlook.  Don Wyss, WFE partner, is a grain merchandiser for Bunge North America in Decatur, IN.    

Customers get an old fashioned hay ride to the Agrigold Test Plot.WFE Field Day Test Plot for Agrigold Hybrids