WFE Global Impact


On September 19, 2011, Wyss Farms had the pleasure of hosting a 20-member Chinese delegation as the group made its way through a 10-day educational tour of Midwest agricultural operations.  The Indiana Soybean Alliance in coordination with the US Soybean Export Council, the American Soybean Association, the United Soybean Board,and the US Foreign Ag Service planned this Midwest Crop Tour to enhance global relationships between Chinese and US soybean industries.  China is our largest importer of soybeans.  Being part of this event enables the Chinese soybean buyers, who represent 90% of the buying power for China, to be better informed when making purchasing decisions for the future.

Wyss Farms was very honored to have been asked to host such a prestigious event that also included state representatives and local merchants.  After introductions and a sincere "Welcome" in both English and Mandarin, WFE began the day with a Power Point presentation of our family farm.  Interpreter, Claudia Chong, was on hand throughout the entire event facilitating understanding across cultural language differences.  Jim Schriver of the American Soybean Board and Roger Hadley of the United Soybean Board answered questions from the audience about the high quality of American soybeans.  Other presenters included Joe Stephan of Agrigold Hybrids who talked about the current corn crop and its different traits and Kevin Walburn and Adam Shafer of Helena Chemical Company who discussed the benefits of foliar feeding (applying fertilizer through the leaves of plants). Aaron Hacker gave a talk about implementing technology on the farm.

An "Old Fashioned American Picnic" dinner was served by local caterer, Lighted Gardens.  During dinner, glasses were raised in a toast given by WFE owner, Andy Wyss.  "To agriculture and everyone involved," he said, and everyone shouted, "Cheers!"  Jody Lefcourt of Bunge North America gave an informative talk on the current status of the commodity markets while the group was enjoying their dessert. 

Pat Wyss, took a moment to say, "Thank you" and gave a small gift to all the Chinese delegates, a little silver turtle for good luck!  Interpreter, Claudia Chong, said that, in China, the turtle is the symbol of the universe.  Then WFE owners, Andy and Pat, were surprised with a beautiful gift from their guests.  One of the merchants presented a silk scroll with an image of her city and place of business in her homeland, Harbin, China.  It was a very beautiful and thoughtful gift and a keepsake for generations to come.

"How exciting to know we are all united in the big business of agriculture!  How happy we are for having accomplished this successful endeavor for our family farm."


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WFE Host Chinese Delegation