Our History

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Wyss Farms Enterprise, WFE, was originally founded in 1948 by Donald A. Wyss I as a family farm business specializing in grain and livestock production. Donald's two sons, Andy and Tom grew up farming and both pursued that as their livelihood. Soon both brothers were establishing Wyss Farms as a joint business with the support of their families. In 1996, Donald A. Wyss I passed away leaving the business to his two sons. From 1996 to 2002, two brothers worked side-by-side continuing the pursuit in growth of the family farm. They farmed 2,000 acres with the help of their families and seasonal hired labor.


In 2002, Andy assumed sole proprietorship of the business along with his wife, Pat, as Financial Manager and their children taking on various managerial positions. Now in its third generation, WFE is engaged in the core business of commercial grain farming and has expanded to include custom farming, straw sales, and an executive dealership with Agrigold Hybrids and Powell Seeds.


In July 2011, WFE GP completed a new estate plan with son, Donald A. Wyss II, coming into the business as a partner.  The other three children continue in active roles as advisors in various aspects of the business.  (See section - Our People)

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(Top to Bottom) Don, Joe, Molly, Amy, Cori, Andy and Pat

Each family member is part of the team we call Wyss Farms Enterprises.  Not one alone, but all work together for the future of family farming in America!


Business Mission

Wyss Farms Enterprises endeavors to be a leading company in agricultural production and services. The managers strive to run an efficient, well-organized business, emphasizing quality products and excellent working relationships with business associates and customers.

Family Mission

Wyss Farms Enterprises seeks to maintain the lasting value of a family farm structure, operating with clearly defined goals and responsibilities, including a genuine enthusiasm for the future.