Land Stewardship

Wyss Farms Enterprises is proud to say that one of the core focuses of its business structure centers around stewardship and sustainability.  This includes land conservation and preservation ensuring that the land farmed today will be handed down to the next generation in as good or better condition than what it is today.  It is the goal of WFE to continue to develop and refine new technology practices and to implement them in a way to ensure long term stability, productivity, and growth.

The many ways that WFE demonstrates that STEWARDSHIP and ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION are at the forefront of their business: 


Using No-till and Strip-till to reduce fuel consumption, wind and water erosion and sediment run-off into streams and rivers.

Using Auto-Steer tractors and Light Bars which reduce waste throught efficient and accurate application of seeds, chemicals, and fertilizers.

Cover Crops are sowed on farm acres between planting seasons instead of leaving ground exposed and vulnerable to wind and water erosion. The deep penetrating root systems hold the nutrients for the future crop.

Filter Strips are planted along creeks and rivers to help control sediment run-off and protect the nearby water supply.

Grass Waterways are planted to help control soil erosion.

Crop Rotation is used to reduce weed pressure, insects, and fungi and allows the soil to "rest."

Biotechnology in seed traits is utilized to maximize yield.


WFE focuses on long term stability, productivity and growth through: 


Diversification by Custom farming, Seed dealerships, and Straw Sales.

Customer focus is central and at the core of every management decision made.

Growing Value-added products such as specialty premium soybeans.

Numerous publications and awards.

Sponsoring Special Field Days for customers and appreciation dinners for those involved in helping the business succeed.

Attending workshops, conferences, and educational tours. 

Active involvement in agricultural boards such as the Indiana Soybean Alliance, the US Soybean Export Council, and the American Soybean Association.

Company newsletters.

WFE has a strong family base whose members have complementary business traits and valuable areas of expertise and believe in the future of family farming in America!


"A strong farming community will help strengthen rural communities."