Wyss Farms uses up-to-date technology of the 21st century as it relates to the agricultural industry.  With the use of modern technology, farmers can be more accurate and efficient in the production of food.  With an ever increasing global population, technology in farming has become more important than ever!


Technology in place on Wyss Farms includes:  


Global Positioning System (GPS) - Installed on the Case IH harvester combine and the Kinze planter, the GPS monitoring system enables information to be recorded and then downloaded onto the business computer.  With a GPS system in place, production can be recorded and profits can be determined for each individual farm.


GPS Maps - The information provided by a GPS map of the land shows the yield for every location in the field and helps to illustrate where production improvement possibilities exist.  A GPS map indicates the rate of fertilizer application needed to replace the nutrients removed by the previous crop, thus eliminating unnecessary waste of product.

Auto steer and Light bars -  Using this technology, Wyss Farms more efficiently and accurately applies its seed, chemicals, and fertilizers, thereby reducing waste and fuel consumption.  With auto steer installed on the tractors, a driver can move down the field "hands free!" 


Biotechnology - Seeds can be genetically engineered with herbicide, insect, and disease resistance, subsequently giving each seed a much higher probability of producing a high yielding plant.  These specific traits make it possible to increase yield per acre making the land more productive.


Soil Tests - Scientific analysis of soil fertility for each individual farm yields much data. When a soil test is performed, the results will indicate the fertility levels of the components and micronutrients of the soil.  Andy Wyss, our production manager, will use these results to determine what type and amount of fertilizers and/or lime is necessary to produce the optimal yield per acre.


Modern Machinery - Modern machinery equipped with the latest technology helps to keep the business running smoothly in its busiest seasons.  The age and size of the equipment, as well as the number of tractors, combines, and planters all help to maximize the seasonal opportunity to efficiently plant and harvest the crops.  During its busiest seasons in the field, which are planting in the spring and harvesting in the fall, the farming operation of Wyss Farms Enterprises  "runs like a well oiled machine," according to owner Andy Wyss.  (See Equipment page)


Computer technology - WFE uses the latest office equipment available to communicate with its managers, landlords, and business associates and maintains complete, detailed accounting and business records.  Now with the advent of lPads and Smart Phones, our operators are just a "click away" from needed information to make smart business decisions.  Through conference calls and email, the WFE managers are able to communicate with each other very effectively.


During harvest season, Andy is controlling the combine machine with the push of a button.  With his thumb, Andy can unload the corn from the hopper into a waiting grain cart.  Precious time is saved!

The interior of the MX305 tractor is equipped with a Pro 600 monitor giving the operator valuable information.  The tractor is pulling a "Strip-till" unit across the field.