Wyss Farms Enterprises


"Setting today's higher standard in family farm business"


Each family member is part of the team we call Wyss Farms Enterprises.  Not one alone, but all working together for the future of family farming in America!

Wyss Farms Enterprises GP (WFE-GP) operates with the goal of setting today's higher standard in family farm business. WFE has made this ambition a reality through utilizing the benefits of higher education to develop a prize-winning family management team that is forward thinking, highly efficient, financially strong, attentive to detail, and extremely customer focused.  

WFE was first publicly recognized for their efforts in 2003 when the business won the Dorothy Dolphin Notre Dame Family Business Plan Competition, and their list of accolades continues.  In 2007, Wyss Farms Enterprises was invited through Purdue University and Professor Ponghui Dou to tell their story of "Family Farming in America" to farmers in China at the 14th Yangling High Tech Fair.  For more on this story go to WFE Visits China page.


Their professional, yet very personable, style has helped WFE grow to include a core business of commercial grain farming using the latest technology available to maximize the productivity of each acre farmed.  They also offer custom farming, clean wheat straw for sale, and have an executive dealership with Agrigold Hybrids and Powell Seed.  WFE practices stewardship of the land through their conservation tillage practices with a sustainable agricultural focus.


Now in its third generation, WFE has successfully combined agricultural expertise with precise business management in order to service its customers on a very personal level and yet easily customize to fit each individual's needs.

WFE is ready to go to work for you!